Who is Vetica?

The name Vetica was inspired by the renowned typeface "Helvetica." As a skilled graphic designer trained in various art schools throughout the United States, Cody frequently encountered Helvetica as the go-to font favored by colleagues and clients alike. However, after numerous applications, Helvetica started to lose its charm and even became mundane to work with—some might say it felt a bit "hellish." Recognizing the need for a touch of playful irony, Cody named his company Vetica, representing "Hell-Free Photo Editing."

Meet Cody,
Founder & CEO

Vetica is the leading editing services provider, helping businesses and entrepreneurs spend less time on photo editing and more time doing what they love. With over a decade of experience, Cody brings unparalleled quality to all his work. His passion for relationships drives him to create meaningful partnerships so that everyone involved wins! Vetica’s mission is to make it easy for anyone with a business or side-hustle to get their photos looking stunning without spending hours in front of the computer. As an industry leader, our vision is to be known as the go-to service when it comes to making photos perfect at lightning speed with great customer service and reliable results every single time.

Our values

Vetica specializes in delivering customized professional photo editing services specifically designed for e-commerce businesses, studio photographers, and global online brands—this means we have high standards.

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Build Genuine Relationships

You'll notice that we want to meet you! We're here to understand your business better and provide photo editing services as well as other tips to optimize and convert more leads into customers.

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Commitment to Quality

With the rise of AI, we are seeing more and more businesses getting burned by the false promise that AI can edit better than humans. We choose to edit each photo by hand to ensure the highest and cleanest quality possible.

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Trust & Transparency

We don't hide behind lengthy emails and terms of service. We meet 1:1 with you and discuss your budget and timeline to ensure your photos are always edited on time and within your budget.

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