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Here's a secret that most entrepreneurs don't know

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’re likely juggling the growth of your business while also wearing hundreds of other hats, and still not growing as fast as you’d like…

Extended periods of time dedicated to multitasking leads to a depletion of your resources and energy, resulting in a negative effect on both your brand and store.

Your new products don’t look their best

You have no time to run new ad campaigns or monitor success

There’s product inventory sitting in a warehouse and not shown on your site

Employees feel stressed from the lack of guidance from their leader

After spending countless hours “in” your business, you realize you aren’t growing as quickly as you hoped, and you start trying... everything.

Re-photographing products

Spending hours editing product photos

Running more ad campaigns

Chatting with store owners in online groups

Researching A+ Content on Amazon Listings

Another website re-brand

Here’s the GOOD NEWS!

We’ve worked with hundreds of clients who have experienced the same problems as you.

We’ve discovered that the problem isn’t solved by fixing just one part of the equation, which is what most entrepreneurs try, but a full arsenal of tactics and tools that completely transform your online store.

Here’s what happens with our full service powerhouse system:

You’ll no longer waste time editing and re-editing product photos

You’ll save money by only paying for edits when you need them

You’ll get beautifully edited photos back in hours instead of days or weeks

Your new products look professional and eye-catching

Get more customers than you've ever had before!

You’ll have time to run and manage all of your ad campaigns

All of your inventory (styles and colors) are shown on your site

You have more mental clarity to grow and run your business

Your employees are happy and motivated to work for you

Your weekends are free to spend with friends and family

Here’s what’s included in our full service powerhouse system

Tested Tactics

We’ll provide a tactical guide that gives step by step directions on how to literally transform your store overnight. These are battle tested tactics that the most successful sellers on Woo-Commerce, Magento, and Amazon are using.

Tailored Photo Editing

We’ll provide specialized 24/7 e-commerce product photo editing tailored to your store and brand.

Conversion Tactics

We’ll provide Conversion Rate Optimization Tactics to WOW customers when they see your products, and speed up the checkout process.

You can see results overnight by following our E-Commerce Bulletproof Framework, plus utilizing our team of expert photography editors specializing in e-commerce photo editing to transform the look of your store.

Hey there, I'm Cody

An All-In Photo Editing Pro and Creative Entrepreneur.

For over a decade, I've honed my photo editing craft through relentless hours. Amid those marathon sessions, I realized a need for innovation. This spark ignited my mission to transform the way I approach large-scale editing.

As the founder of a photo editing studio, I've embraced entrepreneurship's highs and lows. With meticulous techniques, I've scaled my studio from modest to mighty, handling thousands of edits daily.

I've faced many obstacles, evolving from a solo editor to a creative entrepreneur. From content mill days to investments in education, I've journeyed through platforms and trials, crafting my unique system that I share with hundreds of other businesses.

These struggles fueled me to reverse-engineer solutions through my journey, and I’m thrilled to collaborate with other businesses looking to scale just like I did. I'm excited to collaborate and learn about your business. Let's embark on this journey together.


100 +

Businesses scale up their photo editing capacity

1,000,000 +

Edited photos

$500,000 +

Generated this year

I want to help 100 more businesses, starting with YOURS!

See what our customers are saying.

Cody and the Vetica team does amazing work. I did not have to provide any guidance other than to edit the photos. I provided duplicate photos which Cody recognized and did not charge me. This demonstrates that he is an honorable person. We love working with Cody and his team.

Jacqueline Oglesby

VP of Events

I would highly recommend Cody, I often have to wait weeks for my photos and he had them edited in hours, with great communication and an amazing process. We are repeat customers.

Tami Lennox

Solo Entrepreneur

Cody and the vetica team are absolute gems in the world of photo editing. Their expertise in enhancing jewelry images has been a game-changer for my online store. The clarity and sparkle they bring out are simply remarkable.

Emma Defelice

Jewelry Designer

Fantastic job! Images were well-edited to our specifications, and the onboarding process was seamless. Cody really has changed my perspective on how photo editing should be done.

Tom Kida

CEO of Chrono24

Being a busy painter and business owner, I found myself lacking the time to edit the photos of my paintings. Fortunately, Cody stepped in to offer valuable photography tips, enabling me to capture my own photos. In no time, he delivered exquisitely edited images that I couldn't wait to showcase on my website. I am truly proud of the final results!

Lynn Sanders

Owner of Lynn Sanders Art

Our Amazon and eBay listings are so much easier now that we’re working with Cody. Sales are steady increasing and we have the most color options on our website compared to our competition.

Mike McName

CEO of Hardcore Motorcross

We were hand stitching and creating hundreds of motocross seats until we discovered that Cody could make color adjustments for us! We’re saving thousands of dollars in fabric now! This team truly is magical.

Erik Hine

Marketing Director at Enjoy MFG

I sat on the fence for a good 3 weeks about whether I should contact Cody or not. It was everything I expected and more! Why didn't I do this sooner? If you're reading this, you already know you want to get help with your photo editing! Do it, it will be worth it!

Gabrielle Chautin

Wedding Photographer

As a photographer, I'm extremely particular about how my images are edited. Vetica not only met but exceeded my expectations. Cody's team understands the nuances of photo editing and consistently delivers impeccable results. They've become my go-to editing service.

Michael Strickland

Professional Photographer

See the REAL RESULTS generated for real clients!

I've used my photo editing techniques and systems to generate these results.

Justin saved over $15,000 after he started working with us and gained 6,000 new followers on Instagram.

Justin Soleimani & Zach Dannett

Every image on our site and social media account is meticulously edited and reviewed. Cody added shadows, removed wrinkles, and recolored many of our rugs to make sure they were shown at their absolute best!

Justin Soleimani & Zach Dannett

CoFounders | Tumble Rugs

Caleb sold out every product on their newest launch after working with us on their product catalog.

Caleb Asay

Every photo and rendering we get back looks incredible! We not only needed backgrounds removed, but 3D diagrams created with our images. With extraordinary attention to detail and flawless execution, Cody has consistently elevated every project he has collaborated with us on.

Caleb Asay

Web Content Manager | Airframes Alaska

Mike saved over $80,000 in fabric and labor after he started working with us.

Mike McNamee

With thousands of products and over a dozen colorways, we needed someone who could handle the heavy lifting of photo editing. We're able to save thousands of dollars on fabrics and labor with the colorways that Cody provided to us. We now have consistent product shots with white backgrounds and beautiful colorways for every seat make and model.

Mike McNamee

CEO | EnjoyMFG — Motocross Graphics & Seats

Brennan earns over $65K per month while getting a 12-hour photo turnaround time—the secret is our simple system.

Brennan Leleux

We had the pleasure of witnessing Cody's editing team grow alongside our business! It was clear that if we found the right team willing to invest in our growth, our business would flourish. What truly impressed us about Cody and the Vetica team was their genuine passion for taking on all the nitty-gritty tasks that come with photo editing. They were truly invested in our success!

Brennan Leleux

CEO | Harbor Photography

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Clarity Call With Cody
Discuss your business.
Identify your current bottlenecks.
Create strategies to overcome bottlenecks.
Walkthrough the process that will transform your business and life.
Tactical Guide
No-fluff guide for rapid online store transformation.
Tactical checklist for every page of your site and product listing.
Focus on impressing 100% of site visitors.
Dedicated to reducing customer friction with your site, allowing for higher conversion rates.
Free Photo Edits
Give us five photos that you need edited and we will edit them for free!
Demonstrate our comprehensive skills for various edits.
Ensure the correct file types and image libraries are set up for scaling.
Prove that Vetica is a great fit for your business.

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You may have tried outsourcing before, agencies are unclear on what they offer, there’s no single point of contact, and response times are slow.

I want to change that for you. As part of your clarity call with me, I’ll provide my personal contact information for you to reach me anytime you have an urgent edit request or question about the design of your store.

No more faceless agency offering email contact information, you’ll know exactly who you are speaking with and how to reach me.

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Clarity Call


Tactical Guide


Free Photo Edits


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Beautifully edited photos are costing you time and money!

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We’ve created this limited offer that includes your clarity call with Cody, Our Bulletproof Framework to 10x your sales, and Free Photo Edits to guarantee we’re a good match for your business.

You’ll be amazed by the effects of getting 10+ additional hours in your week has on your productivity.

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